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The Bermondsey Practice Counselling & Psychotherapy for Bermondsey and the City of London

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The Bermondsey Practice

Exceptional counselling and psychotherapy services, located in the City of London.

Counsellor and Psychotherapist services for Bermondsey, London Bridge, Canary Wharf and the City

Reaching out to qualified professionals for help in creating positive change in your life is an essential part of becoming a healthier, happier you. At The Bermondsey Practice we provide exceptional counsellor and psychotherapist services for clients of all ages, dealing with a full range of emotional and behavioural issues.

Our offices are located in the Bermondsey area of London, easily accessible from London Bridge, Canary Wharf and the City of London. Within the beautiful Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Centre for World Peace & Health, our clients find a peaceful, tranquil and supportive environment.

The Bermondsey Practice offers a range of support and treatment options including counselling, which is often seen as a shorter-term therapy approach, through to fully-customised psychotherapy, including a carefully selected treatment plan.

Our Staff

All of the psychotherapists and counsellors at The Bermondsey Practice are experienced professionals, with years of expertise and training in their areas of specialisation. In addition to general therapy work for issues like depression, relationships or anxiety, The Bermondsey Practice also provides highly trained analytical psychology services, focussing on the treatment of addictions and eating disorders.

Each counsellor, psychotherapist and psychologist is fully-certified and accredited with the BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists), HCPC (Health and Care Professionals Council), the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) and the BPC (British Psychoanalytic Council). This ensures that our clients are treated within an ethical and regulated framework, by professionals providing the latest in therapeutic techniques.

The Holistic Approach

Our clients experience a very personal and individualised approach to treatment. All services are designed to be holistic - treating the entire person and not just the symptoms or surface issues they may be facing. This is a highly effective form of therapy, allowing our team to customise treatment options to match each person's needs.

A holistic approach enables us to take an in-depth look at the issues contributing to the challenges our clients are facing. It also provides a space for the therapist and patient to explore more effective and more positive coping mechanisms, helping them to move forward in their treatment now, and in the future.

We focus on each of our clients as a unique individual, with his or her own goals and aspirations. Working with our experienced and recognised psychotherapists, analysts and counsellors patients are supported, encouraged and motivated to learn more about themselves and make positive changes in their lives, even when issues in the past may be negative and traumatic.

At The Bermondsey Practice each patient is provided full confidentiality throughout their treatment. We have compassion and empathy for the experiences of our clients, and our goal is to work closely with them to help them achieve their goals. All of our staff are dedicated to ensuring patients are treated with dignity throughout their treatment, and involved in the development of desired outcomes throughout the treatment plan.

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