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Analytical Psychology

Also known as Jungian psychology, this form of treatment of clients was developed by Carl Jung.

Both Dr. Jung and the methods he developed for analytical psychology are still considered to be some of the most effective options in the treatment of many mental health issues. At The Bermondsey Practice we offer highly experienced, certified Jungian analysts on staff, who have completed the training through the Association of Jungian Analysts. They are experienced in working with clients in the City of London and internationally, using this impactful and effective treatment approach.

Understanding the Basics

Most people have a limited understanding of Carl Jung's work. In a very basic and simplistic definition the role of analytical psychology is to bring the mind into balance; in creating balance and harmony, the unconscious and conscious mind must be working together and sending the same messages. When there is discord between the two, people often struggle with controlling behaviours and thoughts that may seem out of their control, or impossible to change.

By working with a Jungian psychologist the client learns more about developing insight into their unconscious mind. By definition, the unconscious mind is not overtly known to the conscious one, but it can be understood through the images and projections it provides to the conscious mind in the form of dreams.

Dream interpretation through the use of analytical psychology is not the same as dream interpretation portrayed in the movies, television and popular fiction. Rather, it is a structured and developed approach towards creating an understanding of what the subconscious mind is trying to tell the conscious. It involves not just direct symbolism, although that is relevant, but also the context with regards to the person's life and experiences.

In beginning to slowly unravel these dream images, the client and the analytical psychologist can create connections between the hidden and the known. As this occurs the mind becomes more harmonious and balanced, alleviating the pain, anxiety, and disharmony that exists when the connection is not there. This connecting of what is deeply held in the subconscious and what is readily perceived and understood in the conscious mind, helps bring about resolution to internal disagreement and conflict.

Complex Layers

As mentioned, analytical psychology from a trained Jungian analyst works on a different level to simple dream interpretation; the therapist works with the client, to see how their thoughts are shaping themselves as individuals. This extends into a collective subconscious, which includes similar thoughts and means that occur across all humans.

Carl Jung developed a set of "archetypes" which explain these similar thoughts and behaviours. By understanding which of the archetypes the client shows to the world (known as the "persona archetype"), and which is kept hidden, important discoveries into behaviours can be made that are extremely insightful, as well as deeply personal.

For most clients analytical psychology is a longer-term therapeutic approach. It is a truly bespoke treatment option that creates a wealth of personal understanding and supports clients to make changes and to understand behaviours, in a way that's not possible with other treatment options.

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