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The Bermondsey Practice Counselling & Psychotherapy for Bermondsey and the City of London

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Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy for issues based around addiction treatment and recovery.

One of the most frequent reasons people reach out to psychotherapists and counsellors is for help in the treatment of addictions. This call for help can happen at any time in the addiction; it is not necessary for the addict to hit "rock bottom" before seeking support.

At The Bermondsey Practice we work with clients in the Bermondsey and City area of London who are struggling with addiction and its effect on their lives - and the lives of those around them. Our staff are highly trained in addiction recovery treatment, and we focus on providing individualised, supportive, empathic and compassionate treatment plans, uniquely developed for each client.

We do not use a standard treatment plan; everyone is different and unique, and each client requires a tailored approach to their wellbeing. With our holistic and integrated approach to addiction treatment we are able to connect deeply with clients and develop trusted, safe and effective opportunities for progress, supporting them in their desire to make positive changes in their life.

The Importance of Professional Support and Treatment

Changing a behaviour can be done for a short period of time simply by creating an alternative behaviour. However, addiction is not just a physical addiction; research now clearly shows that addiction also physically changes the brain. This includes additional stimulation of the pleasure centres when an addictive substance is used, and while a client may have initially focused on one form of addiction like drugs or alcohol, other addictive behaviours such as gambling, sex or food can also trigger those same pleasure centres.

Often people with addictions have other mental health issues that may lead to the likelihood of addiction. Depression, anxiety and trauma can all increase the risk of addiction, and research now indicates that this is directly linked to changes in stimulation of the brain.

Holistic Treatment Is Effective

To address and treat an addiction of any type it is important to treat the whole person. This means treatment for the body, for the mental health component of the disease, and for emotional issues that may be contributing to addictive behaviour.

At The Bermondsey Practice each person is carefully considered and placed at the center of a unique, personalised and bespoke treatment plan, where our counsellors and psychotherapists work with them to determine the underlying triggers or causes of an addiction.

Through talk therapy, art therapy and learning new and more effective coping strategies and mechanisms, clients can learn about themselves and about their addiction. They can create a positive mental image of themselves, set goals, and achieve great things as they move through their journey of recovery.

The treatment of depression, anxiety, and trauma may be part of the therapy process. This holistic and whole-person approach is much more effective than simply treating the clear symptoms of addiction as a single method of curtailing specific behaviour. It is also more effective in preventing a relapse, or a transfer of one addictive behaviour into another.

Through therapy, individuals with addictions will become empowered, and rebuild self-esteem that has been eroded during the addiction. They also benefit from the compassion and empathy of our highly trained addiction recovery specialists.

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