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Sensitive, caring support, helping to understand the causes and cope with the results of depression or other emotional problems.

The word depression is used a lot in everyday conversation. As a clinical diagnosis though, depression is a serious condition and causes changes in an individual that are emotional, mental and physical in nature.

People with depression often struggle with everyday life. They can feel extreme fatigue, physical aches and pains, and have an increase in illnesses. The mental changes that occur with depression can include a general fogginess in trying to make decisions, challenges in maintaining concentration and an inability to handle everyday tasks.

Emotionally depression can result in extreme sadness and withdrawal from being around friends or loved ones. There is a lack of enjoyment in life, and there can be significant anger, irritation, and agitation towards things and people. Sleep problems, poor diet and lack of caring for oneself all contribute to the challenges of those dealing with this mental health disorder.

Sadly, the need to pull away from others becomes a significant problem. Lack of connection with family and friends creates feelings of isolation, loneliness, and low self-esteem. For some people turning to drugs, alcohol or other addictive behaviours serves as a way of filling this gap, further compounding the challenges they are experiencing in their life.

The Reality of Depression

In the United Kingdom approximately one in four people - including men, women and children - will experience a mental health disorder. Many of those will not be treated, even though depression and anxiety, the two most prevalent disorders, can be effectively managed through psychotherapy, counselling and holistic treatment programmes that focus on the whole person.

In most cases the individuals themselves are not aware they are depressed. It tends to occur slowly as a result of chemical changes in the brain that lead to increasingly negative thought patterns, and a lack of enjoyment in life. They assume feelings of hopelessness and helplessness are accurate representations of their world, so they may be reluctant, or simply unable, to reach out for help. They may also be physically tired and too emotionally drained to seek help.

At The Bermondsey Practice individuals in the Bermondsey area and the City of London will find highly trained therapists and counsellors available to provide treatment for depression. Using talking therapy methods clients explore the issues that have contributed to their depression. For many this will go back to issues with origins in childhood, including trauma, distant or negligent parents, or growing up in a dysfunctional family.

Treatment Is Possible

The most important factor for anyone with depression, or anyone with a loved one showing signs of depression, is that the condition is treatable and can be managed. Through psychotherapy and therapeutic interventions the therapist and the client can examine the underlying causes of depression and develop healthy, positive and sustainable coping mechanisms.

At The Bermondsey Practice we often use an integrated approach to the treatment of clients with depression. While talk therapy is highly effective, the use of art therapy and therapeutic treatment options from different approaches customises the treatment to match the needs of the client.

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