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Helping to understand and overcome the challenges of fear and anxiety in everyday life.

Anxiety can occur in any person, at any time and any age. Anxiety in the clinical sense is a debilitating level of worry or fear about something in life. It can often be misplaced or misperceived, but for an individual experiencing anxiety it is very real and very disturbing.

Anxiety in itself is a natural response to a potentially fearful situation. It is likely an evolutionary state, where being in potentially life-threatening situations requires the individual be hyper-alert and focused - able to immediately fight, freeze, or flee to stay safe.

Being anxious can help us to prepare, to be proactive and to be ready to act. It is a result of chemical changes in the brain and body, including an increase in the normal functioning levels of cortisol. In someone without anxiety, once a potential challenge has passed those hormonal levels go back to normal, and the individual relaxes and recognizes that they are now safe.

For people with anxiety the feeling of being hyper-alert and on-guard does not go away. In some cases these feelings are also triggered by very normal circumstances, where others would not perceive any threat. Often the person with anxiety realises their response is extreme, which only serves to create a feedback loop leading to more anxiety.

Individuals experiencing general anxiety, panic attacks or debilitating fears or phobias do not have to live with these irrational responses and elevated levels of anxiety. The Bermondsey Practice provides psychotherapy and counselling services in Bermondsey and across the City, to help people to change their thinking and avoid becoming anxious.

What Anxiety Looks Like

Anxiety can present itself in many forms. For many it is a constant cycling of thoughts about negative issues. It may be worrying endlessly about things that it is not possible to control. Or it may be seeing only the worst possible outcome of any change or move being considering in personal or professional life.

It is also common for people dealing with anxiety to have problems sleeping. They may be physically exhausted but their mind continues to dwell on all the negative "what ifs" that could possibly happen. This lack of sleep and the sense of the minutes marching on then creates its own anxiety. In some people, the inability to sleep triggers worries that they may be ill, which further increases anxiety.

People with anxiety often recognise and realise their fears or worries are irrational and illogical. They also understand that what they are worried about is beyond their control, but that does not make the worry any less problematic, or any less real and debilitating.

Effective Treatment Options

The professional psychotherapists and counsellors at The Bermondsey Practice are experienced in working with anxiety, using a range of therapeutic approaches to explore the cause of the anxiety, worry, and stress, and to develop healthier ways of coping.

Through therapy people of all ages can learn to address both the physical and mental challenges associated with different types of anxiety. Putting new coping strategies into place and exploring the root cause of anxiety, is an effective approach towards creating a manageable way to move forward in life.

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