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Sex Addiction

Experienced counselling, psychotherapy and analysis for help with issues based around destructive patterns of sexualised behaviour.

Over time, various types of harmful and destructive behaviours have come to be recognised as addictions. These include food addiction, gambling addiction and, more recently, sex addiction.

It is important to understand that sex addiction is not an excuse for bad behaviour; as with any addiction, it is a change in the chemistry in the brain that creates new and unhelpful neurological pathways. Just like heroin or cocaine addiction, or even alcohol addiction, the behaviour is driven by the brain's need for the release of chemicals caused by engaging in it.

The Reality of Sex Addiction

Sex addiction, similar to other addictions, is ultimately destructive to the addict. It is not uncommon for these individuals to lose their jobs, their status in the community, their professional reputations, their spouses and even the ability to interact with their children.

Like other addictions it also a driving force behind how the addict lives his or her life. Rather than focusing on working on or building a relationship with a partner, the sex addict focuses on the sexualised behaviour. This may even include engaging in behaviour that is prohibited, like watching porn online at work, or doing something that is illegal, such as having sex in a public place.

Ultimately the sex addict is aware that his or her behaviour is out of control. They are aware that what they are doing is wrong and is destroying them on a personal and professional basis, but rather than seeking help, many sex addicts simply become more secretive. This type of behaviour is so all-encompassing in their life though, that it is impossible to keep it hidden for very long.

Treatment Through Therapy

Treating sex addiction is a complicated process, so The Bermondsey Practice uses highly experienced psychotherapists, analysts and counsellors extensively trained in this area of work. This is very different from treating many types of addictions, and for sex addiction time with additional recovery experts forms an important part of any treatment plan.

Our treatments are highly personalised, with the therapist and client building a trusting and safe environment together, were they can explore the issues behind the addiction. For many with sex addictions, depression, anxiety, trauma, childhood abuse, and past addictive behaviours may all be contributing to the current behaviour.

Through the exploration of the causes of the addiction, effective and positive coping mechanisms can be developed to prevent engaging in the same behaviour in the future. This requires an integrated approach, where treatment is uniquely developed for each client - the method we always use at The Bermondsey Practice.

Clients with sex addictions will spend time working one-on-one with their therapists. At a specific point in the treatment the partner or spouse may be invited into the therapy, helping to rebuild the relationships and address any issues that may linger.

In some cases a partner may also want their own support in the addict's recovery. The Counselling services on offer at The Bermondsey Practice can be beneficial in helping partners to understanding their own emotions and thoughts, before attempting reconciliation or relationship rebuilding.

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