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A wide range of treatment options, helping you to understand and change unhelpful or harmful behaviours.

For many people, gaining insight into why they engage in specific behaviours that are ultimately destructive or harmful is a driving force in seeking help. At The Bermondsey Practice psychotherapy is often the most appropriate treatment for uncovering the deeply held beliefs and thoughts driving any undesirable behaviour.

In psychotherapy there are a number different approaches available, and for the greatest positive impact it is essential to pair the correct therapy option to the patient. The experienced, highly trained psychotherapists at The Bermondsey Practice specialise in this type of personalised approach as part of the treatment of all our clients.

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a type of talking therapy. Clients meet with our psychotherapists over a period of time, often once a week or on a convenient, regular basis. During these sessions the client and psychotherapist work together, to help to explore issues that have contributed to the development of harmful and negative thoughts or behaviour patterns.

The goal of psychotherapy is not for the therapist to tell the client what needs to change, but rather for them to assist with personal growth and the development of understanding. During this process, the psychotherapist asks questions and responds to the information provided by the client, to allow this self-discovery to unfold naturally.

It is possible for various techniques to be used in psychotherapy. Therapists at The Bermondsey Practice use various techniques in their work, helping clients express themselves and learn more about their internal way of thinking, about themselves and their relationship with others.

Psychotherapy requires the development of rapport and trust between the therapist and client. This is done over time, and by the psychotherapist demonstrating his or her commitment to confidentiality and privacy in the sessions, and by treating the client with dignity and respect.

The Use of Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can be used as an effective process for a great many people and for many different issues. As a broad statement, it is highly recommended for the treatment of emotional disorders and difficulties, as well as in diagnosed mental health issues.

Psychotherapy has been shown in research studies to be effective in helping people struggling with addictive behaviours, eating disorders and issues with trauma. It can also be used by clients trying to cope with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), anxieties and depression, or for the treatment of individuals who engage in self-harming behaviours or are experiencing suicidal thoughts. Grief, relationship problems, anger management and diagnosed mental health issues such as borderline personality disorder or Obsessive-Compulsive disorder lend themselves to being treated through psychotherapy.

In the treatment of alcohol or drug addiction, eating disorders and other types of mental health issues where a physical component is involved, psychotherapy is often combined with medical treatment and support. In these situations the psychotherapist works closely with the client as well as the medical treatment team, to ensure both physical and mental health needs are met and supported throughout the treatment.

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