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The Bermondsey Practice Counselling & Psychotherapy for Bermondsey and the City of London

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Holistic and integrated taking therapy, tailored to the individual needs of each client.

There is no way to predict what may happen next in life, and often changes occur that seem overwhelming and difficult to manage. These types of changes or events may be deeply personal, such as the loss of a loved one, or they may be directly related to behaviours that have the potential to cause harm - or may have already caused harm.

When these types of events occur finding a trusted, safe and qualified person to talk to can be a very real challenge. By turning to the professional counsellors at The Bermondsey Practice, people looking for information, advice and support can find that trusted source.

Counselling is typically considered a short-term treatment option, often lasting only a few months. In sessions held with a counsellor the client is able to explore the issues behind their stress or anxiety, or their own personal reasons for engaging in unhelpful behaviours. In many cases these negative coping mechanisms are based on thoughts and negative perceptions, and learning how to examine those destructive thoughts is a significant step forward in changing unhelpful behaviours.

The Deep Causes of Behaviour

It is possible to change an unwanted behaviour simply by choosing an alternative one. However, unless the root of the causes of a problematic behaviour are addressed there is always a risk the negative behaviour will resurface, at times of stress for the individual.

By using the counselling services at The Bermondsey Practice individuals can learn how influences from the past as well as current issues are interpreted, allow negative or harmful behaviour to continue. By discovering the cause of incorrect or harmful thoughts it is possible to change not only the perception of them, but also any resulting outward behaviour.

Often these triggering thoughts can be very old, sometimes resulting from childhood experiences; while counselling touches on issues in the past, counselling is also about creating meaningful, positive and sustainable behavioural changes for the present - and the future. Once the counsellor and the client understand deeply held beliefs about the self from an adult perspective, they can begin to explore the current reality and changes can be made in how the client thinks and acts.

Changing a behaviour starts by changing the thoughts driving this behaviour. The counsellor and the client work together using talking therapy and other types of activities to consider new perspectives and better, more effective coping mechanisms.

Tailored to the Client

For clients in the City of London and the Bermondsey area, sessions with the highly trained counsellors at The Bermondsey Practice provide a space to get to know yourself on a much deeper level.

Each of our services is completely individualised to the client. As the counsellor and client work through the treatment plan, the client continues to have input in all aspects of their treatment, with the counsellor providing the expertise and training needed to facilitate personal growth and development. A holistic and integrated experience, counselling is highly effective at making positive changes, even for very challenging behaviours and issues.

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